My name is Agnes Chiari, I am from Italy, I ‘ve been  living in the Netherlands since 1990.  Nijmegen is now my city. I feel perfectly at home here. Since  2001 I am  the owner of Mediterraneo -Scuola italiana di  lingua  cinema e cultura.

Photography is my passion. Basically, I like to watch. I like to  imagine… to fix  what I see  to try to let people watch through my eyes.

I took my first photography class here in Nijmegen. My teacher  was for me a great photographer: Wam  Valenteijn.
I ‘ve  learned  from him  how to look at things. He used to say: “Before making a shoot, never forget to make a turn  around  you.”

He was right! Now I might also add:
” Sometimes your most beautiful shoot is just behind you … Or maybe is under your steps or where no one  is watching “.

I live in Nijmegen …Are you maybe interested in my work??You can contact me by e.mail: Agnes@Chiari.nl

Fototentoostelling THE WORLD UNDER OUR STEPS!! De hele maand Oktober 2018

in  FILMHUIS  042

Oranjesingel 42 , 6511 NV Nijmegen